Inver Istituzionale

Industrial Coatings



The user who chooses this technology finds an alternative solution to traditional products that is serious, practical and reliable in the water based products of Inver. After many years of study and research INVER offers the market a range of paint products for industry that has nothing to envy in traditional solvent products in terms of the extent of the range and technical and aesthetic characteristics. The water based products of INVER, can be applied by spraying with airless pistol and electrostatic systems, with rotating heads or immersion systems with air or low temperature oven drying and catalysed epoxy and polyurethane bonding. Inver's experience in producing ware based paint over the last sixty years means that for every type of surface the client has extensively tested paint cycles. Research at INVER is extremely active and the collaboration with its polymer research laboratory, the producers of raw materials and manufacturers of paint application equipment, makes rapid development possible in order to improve continually resistance to atmospheric agents, application characteristics and reduction of the quantity of solvent.

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