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Environment certifications

Environment certifications

Norma UNI EN ISO 9001:2000, Certificato N. 733 conseguito il 24/02/1997
Norma UNI EN ISO 14001, Certificato N. 7626 conseguito il 29/11/2004
Norma OHSAS 18001:2007, Certificato N. 13449 conseguito il 18/09/2008

Target: low environmental impact

In a chemical industry the requirements for protecting the environment and operating safety require considerable investments. The INVER plant in Minerbio was built with the strictest observation of the prevention measures and uses process technology designed for the maximum respect of the environment.

Traditional coatings were dissolved in solvents which released toxic substances into the atmosphere during manufacture and application and causing damage to the ecosystem.

The substitution of solvents with water has reduced considerably these harmful emissions. In recent years Inver has completely abandoned the use of toxic pigments containing chrome and lead.

More than 85% of Inver coatings
are environmentally friendly.


In April 2009 INVER SPA inaugurated its afterburner which makes it possible to remove solvents produced by the manufacturing process. The system consists of a series of pipes which suck the air above the mixers in the various liquid coating production sites and funnel it into pipes of diameter 1250 mm, with a maximum flow rate of 80,000 Nm3/h. Since the solvent percentage content is very low, it must be pre-concentrated before entering the afterburner and a molecular sieve system is used which holds back the various solvent molecules during the absorption phase until a critical concentration is obtained. The concentrated solvent is then released during the thermal stripping phase inside a regenerative afterburner with three ceramic beds, in concentrations high enough to ensure that the process is self-sustaining.

Inver after-burner
in Minerbio