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Certificazioni per la sicurezza

Certificazioni per la sicurezza

Norma UNI EN ISO 9001:2000, Certificato N. 733 conseguito il 24/02/1997
Norma UNI EN ISO 14001, Certificato N. 7626 conseguito il 29/11/2004
Norma OHSAS 18001:2007, Certificato N. 13449 conseguito il 18/09/2008


The health and safety of our employees is the highest priority of our company.

Offering a safe job for workers and peace of mind for their families, far from health risks and with the best possible accident prevention measures is a basic principle for Inver.

This objective is pursued with determination through careful preventive planning of the layout in the plants and a demanding policy of investment in safety:

  • Compartmentalised plants to reduce and contain the risk of fire or explosion
  • Mapping of production areas in accordance with ATEX 95-137 standards
  • Extracting dust using chemical suppressants in the presence of aluminium powder
  • Fluid transfer plant with piping with Integrated Environmental Authorisation and I.P.P.C.
  • Training of new personnel with supervision by expert personnel capable of assessing the risks in the workplace and ensuring that the safety systems are maintained.