Inver Istituzionale

Industrial Coatings


Inver coatings are used on the products of thousands of clients, from light industry to multinationals. From the small metal object to large earthmoving plant, the client's requirement is always the same: to protect their products and make them unique also from the aesthetic viewpoint, all with the highest level of optimisation of the painting process and the lest possible emission of harmful substances into the atmosphere. To cover such a wide range of clients Inver has a qualified sales network and a capillary retail and distributor network cooperating with the five production plants.

The core business is focused in the field of agricultural machinery and construction equipment, trucks, metal furniture, industrial and architectural aluminum windows, and then expand in all markets where they are manufactured in ferrous metals and alloys such as light and heavy engineering, motorcycles , rail and tram, metal containers, small parts, radiators, alloy wheels, to support the painting contractors who work for companies that do not have a paint shop in-house.


  • Agricultural equipment,ploughs, milling machines
  • Agricultural machinery cabins
  • Garden equipment and mowers
  • Harvesters and haymaking machinery
  • Agricultural Trailers
  • Tractors
  • Stock breeding equipment and mixing machines

Aesthetic requirements, necessary to add value to the technological content of products, cannot be considered alone to the detriment of the quality and strength necessary to cope with heavy duty environmental conditions in which these machines have to work. Damp, sunlight, chemical agents and organic compounds are the main problems. Only paint cycles of a high quality, produced with first rate raw materials, are able to guarantee the best performance.


  • Furniture for gardens
  • Public areas and campsites
  • Furniture for shops and supermarkets
  • Furniture for hospitals
  • School furniture
  • Metal furniture and shelving
  • Automatic dispensers
  • Locks and safes

Offices, workshops, open air areas or designer products, rigid standardisation or personalisation are all considered with a view to meeting the needs of various applications, rigid colour standards or particular special effects.

Industrial Equipment

  • Pumps gears, electric motors
  • Hydraulic systems, jacks, cylinders
  • Forklifts and accessories. - loaders
  • Suction and ventilation fans for driers and chillers
  • Workshop and laboratory equipment
  • Cabins, painting machinery, industrial plant
  • Industrial metal shelving

All the components that are an integral part of industrial installations constitute a vital patrimony of manufacturing companies. Each of these materials has specific requirements connected with its function and working conditions. All of them however have a requirement in common, conservation of value over time. A substantial contribution to meeting this need is made by the paint, applied in suitable cycles, to conserve functionality and aesthetic appearance.

Building Equipment

  • Building equipment, formwork and concreting plant
  • Concrete trucks pumps and dumpers
  • Bridge and tower cranes
  • Lifts and accessories
  • Excavators and accessories, booms and buckets
  • Extruded aluminium sections, doors and windows
  • Earthmoving plant and cabins
  • Scaffolding, aerial platforms
  • Swing doors, doors and windows, steel, gates
  • Security doors - locks - fire barriers
  • Road surfacing and drilling machinery
  • Prefabricated cement products

Strength, resistance to light and corrosion and colour retention together with an adequate aesthetic appearance must be appropriate to the often high value of the articles painted. The required conditions of use and working lifetime of machinery or fixtures require the highest quality in paint cycles and systems.

White goods

  • Apparecchi condizionamento
  • Lavabiancheria
  • Lavastoviglie
  • Frigoriferi
  • Scaldabagni caldaie domestiche
  • Cappe cucina
  • Accessori plastica elettrodomestici
  • Piccoli elettrodomestici e casalinghi
  • Componenti elettrodomestici

The domestic electrical appliance industry has traditionally always placed great importance on the quality specifications of its various products. Resistance to grease, detergents, thermal shock, abrasion, corrosion and mechanical properties are normal requirements in paint specifications. Use of the best and most modern technologies has always been the distinguishing mark of this sector.

Energy and Lighting

From large installations to renewable energy systems to industrial and civil lighting, there is room to imagine an infinity of painting systems. Experience in all areas of technology is necessary to provide the most appropriate solution. Powder coating, cataphoresis, anaphoresis, single and two-component paints, high resistance cycles for interiors and exteriors. there is a paint cycles suitable for the specific use of every article.

Machine tool

Machinery for the widest range of uses, often in contact with aggressive chemicals, dust, ink and solvents, in a wide range of sizes, also cover an important role in representing the company image. The considerable value of machinery is preserved in time by immaculate, solid and lasting finishes.

Light engineering

  • Sports equipment
  • Vehicle washing equipment
  • Road signs, safety signs, number plates, signs
  • Clothes driers, steps, ironing boards, dish racks
  • Steel pipes
  • Burners stoves, garden incinerators
  • Prams, children's accessories,toys
  • Fuel distribution plant
  • Medical equipment

Light engineering is a sector with the widest range of requirements for internal and external applications. Making the right choice and finding the most suitable painting cycle or system is easier with the availability of a complete range of products and technologies. Expert technical consultants can identify the most appropriate solution rapidly.


  • Heavy metal structures
  • Crane counterweights
  • Industrial flooring
  • Off shore platforms
  • Petrochemical plants
  • Cement tanks
  • Pipelines
  • Pipes flanges and fittings

Articles exposed to industrial and marine atmospheres and conditions of high humidity, abrasion, variations in temperature, corrosion and sunlight require paint cycles having the best chemical and physical properties and formulated with the benefit of extensive experience.


  • Radiators steel sheet and pipes
  • Aluminium radiators
  • Cast iron radiators
  • Heat exchangers
  • Bathroom fittings
  • Domestic boilers, burners expansion chambers
  • Industrial and commercial HVAC
  • Stoves and fireplaces

Heating systems are now an integral part of internal furnishings. As such they require a high level of aesthetic quality with fullness of colour, smooth even surfaces and uniformity of colour. The surfaces of steel, cast iron and aluminium, require pre-treatment and various types of paint cycles and application technologies.


  • Trucks
  • Buses, trolleybuses and minibuses
  • Transmission shafts
  • Railway bogies and carriages
  • Bicycles and motorcycles
  • Road trailers
  • Steel and light alloy wheels
  • Military vehicles
  • Tank trucks
  • Refuse collection vehicles
  • Vans
  • Car body work and industrial bodywork
  • Road assistance vehicles, fire brigade vehicles, snowploughs
  • Cranes and crane trucks
  • Motors for industrial vehicles, cars motorcycles
  • Campers and trailers
  • Seats, steering systems car and industrial vehicle components

The most common requirement for vehicles and their components is the best conservation of the original appearance and resistance to atmospheric agents. Brilliance, colour, resistance to scratches and mechanical stress on surfaces ranging from steel to aluminium and plastics. Maximum precision in the mixing of shades and the guarantee of colour stability are required for perfect colour matching over time.

Job Coaters

  • Vct alluminio estrusi profilati
  • Vct attrezzatura veicoli
  • Vct elettrodomestici
  • Vct motocicli
  • Vct plastica
  • Vct agricoltura
  • Vct arredamento
  • Vct macchine agricole


  • Extinguisher cylinders
  • Refuse bins
  • Containers
  • Containers
  • Drums
  • Gas tanks
  • Industrial tanks